For residents

Common spaces

Sauna is located in the back of the courtyard. You can get a key to the sauna from the key store Nopea by paying a collateral fee. Private sauna times can be reserved from the property manager’s office. Common sauna times are available weekly: for men on Tuesday and for women on Wednesday at 16-18.

Bike storages are next to the sauna and in the B-cellar.

You can dry your laundry at the designated areas located in the attics (both A and B).

Rules & regulations

In order to secure a pleasant, healthy and secure living environment for all residents of the building, these rules have been compiled in addition to the regulations given by the city:

  1. Stairwell doors must be kept closed at all times. The doors can be opened with key, or with a code between 07.00 and 22.00. It is forbidden to give the code to unauthorised people.
  2. Gateway and the courtyard. The gateway’s access port can be opened with a code or a key. It is forbidden to walk on the driving ramp.
  3. Avoid making noise in the stairwells and other common areas, and close the doors as quietly as possible.
  4. For the cleanliness and safety in stairwells and other common areas, it is necessary:
    • not to harm, litter or soil the hallways
    • to wipe your shoes when coming in from the outside
    • not to ventilate the apartments to the hallway
    • not to use the hallways for storage or for drying laundry
    • not to smoke or light a fire in the hallways
    • not to loiter in the stairwells and other common facilities
  5. No smoking or lighting a fire on the balconies. Do not make excess noise, and do not use the balconies for storage or for drying laundry. The balconies must be kept tidy.
  6. Dusting rugs and bedding is permitted only in areas and balconies ment for it.
  7. Storing is only permitted in common facilities meant for it. Materials causing smell, danger, or any other harm are not permitted to store in these facilities. Smoking, lighting a fire and loitering are not permitted in these facilities. The housing association has the right to dispose any materials that are stored in the common areas or any other places not meant for storing, without individual notification and without compensation. Do not harm, litter or soil these facilities. Sports equipment storages must be kept well organized.
  8. Trash and garbage must be taken out without soiling the stairwells or the courtyard, and then sorted into the waste containers according to the recycling instructions. Residents are responsible of transporting and disposing any non-ordinary household waste (for example furniture). Cardboard boxes must be crushed before putting them to the containers. The containers’ lids must be closed. It is forbidden to put hazardous waste into the containers. It is forbidden to put dust, grease, or any refuse in the toilet or other sewers that may clog and/or damage them.
  9. Be quiet at night. Playing music or instruments, singing, listening to radio, using appliances and any other noisy activity is forbidden between 23.00 and 06.00.
    It is forbidden to do any activities that frequently or disproportionally cause loud noise, shaking, smell or similar harm to the neighbours. Any work causing loud noises must be avoided at all times, and is not allowed on weekdays between 20.00 and 08.00, on Saturdays between 18.00 and 21.00, and on Sundays or working holidays.
  10. Renovating the apartments. Inform the neighbours well before starting any work that causes loud noises. Always inform the property manager before starting large renovations and before doing work that includes the structures of the building, such as the bathroom or water features. Work that causes loud noises is not allowed on weekdays between 20.00 and 8.00, on Saturdays between 18.00 and 09.00, on Sundays and during working holidays.
  11. The kitchen hoods and exhaust air fans are not allowed to be connected to the flues.
  12. Outdoor antennas, billboards and posters are not allowed to be mounted / sticked on common areas or façades without permission.
  13. Owners of pets must make sure that
    • the pets are always kept on a leash and being supervised in the common areas
    • the pets won’t cause disturbance to the other residents
    • the pets won’t soil common areas, walls of the property or the sidewalk in front of it
  14. Feeding birds is not permitted, and it is forbidden to install bird feeders on or near the property.
  15. Occurrences of pests or vermins must be reported to the property manager.
  16. Parking vehicles on the yard or on the street in front of the property is forbidden without the property manager’s permission.
  17. Water leaks or other damages on pipes and/or cables must be immediately reported to the maintenance company or the property manager. Any other damages on the property must be also reported to the maintenance company or the property manager.
  18. Remarks about the cleanliness or disorder must be addressed to the property manager or the maintenance company.

Further information about the resident’s rights and responsibilities, and about the lawful consequences of disobeying the regulations are given by the property manager. Residents are liable for the damages caused to the property by them, as stated by laws and regulations.